Thursday, March 17, 2011

Building Community

diandra and i talk about community a lot. we've both been part of some pretty amazing community initiatives and gatherings that we'd like to share with you. We want to hear about what you are up to as well, because i bet you've been a part of some great stuff whether you realize it or not.
Summer 2010-protesting the pipeline construction

Let's get started talking about community. First we need to ask a few questions...
What is community?
The first step is to figure out what community is to you, what is your community? it's ok to have a bunch of different communities too. we all do. community is where you live and the people in it. community is a group of like-minded people who gather to share a sustainable dinner. community is a diverse group of people who gather to support a local band. community is a online group of sewers participating in a sewing camp. it can be what ever you want because its YOURS!
neighbours gather on the Bulkey River

What does your community look like?
Is is doing what you want? or, Are you missing something? Could it be better?
Are you happy with your community?
if you answered yes, no, maybe, whatever...proceed to next question:

myPG Youth Engagement Workshop

What you want your community to do, look like, give you, take from you, etc.
these are your goals, ideas, hopes, etc.
This is the ideas part!
ask yourself: What can i do today that will get me closer to my ideal community?

bike to work week 2010 at PGYMCA

Now it gets exciting bcause we get to ask HOW!

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