Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favorites: RollerCon and Las Vegas

I'm back from a crazy week in Las Vegas at RollerCon. What's Rollercon? Only the biggest longest most awesome-est Roller Derby Convention in the WORLD! 5 days of On Skates classes, Off Skates Athletic Training, Seminars, Vendors, Games, Scrimmages, Challenge Bouts, and a Sanctioned Bout between the Denver City Mile High Club (whoa) and the Bay Area Derby Girls! Did I mention the parties? The 24/7 Pool Party (until someone puked in the pool), The Black and Blue Ball, Riedell's Pajama Rama Party, Sunday's Bloody Mary Bar (open at 10am), Derby Weddings, and The Pants Off-Dance Off (clothing optional party). All that on top of all the rest of the crazy Vegas stuff. What a week! Phew.

We had 8 rollergirls from Rated PG come along (Doctah H Dawg, Edie Sedgewhip, Ginja Fightus, Loki, Sistah Viberosis, Malice Mayhem, Scout Flinch (ok, she's an island gal now) and me, Cruely Sue). Don't they look well behaved? It didn't last, some have blank spots in their memories still. Check out the Vegas update on our website!

I'm glad to be able to share my favorite RollerCon/Vegas moments here with you so feel free to live vicariously through me until you go to RollerCon. [psst! in 2012 there will the RollerCon Las Vegas, RollerCon Australia, and RollerCon Europe. Whoa, man!]
Apparently, this was a great year to come. Everything happened at the Riviera Casino Hotel, where there were 4 indoor tracks (helloo air conditioning!) set up in the convention centre, next year organizers are promising 8 indoor tracks, hell yeah! Here is the worst photo ever, but you get the idea about what it looked like at the big track. Well, maybe.
Ok, so there were 2000 rollergirls, rollerboys (yes! boys), refs, NSOs, announcers, volunteers, photographers, and vendors from all over the world. Along with all the good of Las Vegas and RollerCon, there were lots of bad things too, this included lots of bad tattoos, bad derby names, and bad ideas. Bad things can be favorites too, and since RollerDerby is sometimes a celebration of the tacky and trampy, we were provided with hours (HOURS!) of free entertainment. The favorite joke of the week was a 'lost in translation' sort of moment; we learnt that a group from a certain scandinavian country had misunderstood the use of the word 'fister' and are now poised to name their derby team 'The Fisters' because "it's like sisters that fight with their fists". Yikes! I think I need a shirt that says: "Join the Fisterhood, Play Derby!"

The Volunteer Army rocked my world! The most helpful volunteers. My favorite? Ophelia Melons: you're amazing!

I love love love the vintage Las Vegas neon! Coming soon...LV Neon Embroidery patterns!

These and others are being saved and reinstalled by the Las Vegas Neon Museum. I love the neons down on Fremont (especially East Fremont).

The favorite night had by all was the last night, we headed down to Fremont St. and found a great bar called 'The Griffin'. There were no lights (only candles) and no tvs. No art on the walls even, just a long bar, comfy seats, a juke box filled with contemporary music, a late happy hour (why don't we 'do' happy hour here? It's so good!), and good friends. I enjoyed a $3 draft pint of Mirror Pond (from Bend, Oregon -gah! good). It tasted like another.

Luludemon from Terminal City playing with Team Caulk Sucker. Lulu was at Rollercon with a couple friends, her company Pivotstar, and a couple hundred pairs of booty shorts. I brought home my new favorite pair of shorts, they're snot green but wicked hotness, let me tell you. Check out her website for info about other clothes and custom orders.

The Vagine Regime...yeah! These gals were amazing. Most of the instructors were playing in the Challenge Bouts so you could watch them and then go to their classes, where they would teach the awesome moves they just pulled off. My favorite kind of teaching/learning.

I can't leave out the Vendors! Ah the vendors!! All the bigwigs plus a bunch of DIYers, including the uber-awesome Flat Track Revolution. I knew I had found my favorite at the first sight of her huge pile of sparkled vinyl on the floor. Then I saw the sewing machine, for filling custom orders, of course. Dottie Brand Accessories specializes in one of a kind vinyl purses, hip belts, reader cases, and wallets. All are lined with super cute material (where oh where do you find such great prints?) and all are unique. Love it all! We chatted about our confusion over the total lack of pinstriped derby apparel at RollerCon. Thanks Anndrija, it was great to meet you!

Edie Sedgewhip, of Rated Pg fame. My favorite derby buddy for the week.


  1. I will be jealous of your trip to rollercon until I get to go. It looks like it was a wonderful time!! XO

  2. Oh heavens - just when I thought attending bouts was going to be enough for me. . . .

    I seriously have to re-think getting my skate on.

    VERY cool trip. Very.