Monday, September 12, 2011

CookBook Give-Away!

Yes! It's true! I'm the most awesome at Give Aways. Remember the Cookbook giveaway?
Here it is!!
Well, just to make this one sweeter I tossed into the vintage kitchen grab bag a brand new kitchen apron handmade by me for you!
I hope you win!

Well, here is goes...

And the winner is...erin from edinburgh, love erin! Well, I did say I would send it anywhere. Yeesh! Enjoy the treats Erin!

erin said...

My Bible: The Forgotten Skills of Cookery, by Darina Allen! Everything I need to know about growing, foraging, cheese making, preserving, cooking classic dishes and baking rustic breads. I like the way this lady, who runs her own natural cooking school in Ireland, thinks. It is both beautiful and genuine!


  1. I promise i got out a #5. and that's erin. Sorry, i hate the random # generators, I am doing something wrong, just can't figure it out. crap.

  2. I am in need of a new apron actually and one made by you...well that is just super special!!! Was very pleased to share my most cherished cook book with everyone and am really quite excited for you two and your wonderful readers to share some more of your, frankly, amazing kitchen/craft/community ideas with me/us! I wrote you a wee email with my address! And thank you, genuinely, erin x