Sunday, February 5, 2012

Home Tour: Laura

As promised, here is another Home Tour from me. I do tend to rearrange my home every 4-6 months. Maybe it comes from having strange 2nd hand furniture, living in rental homes, or boredom? I did read somewhere (probably POP Psych. circa 1993) that it was psychologically healthy to change your surroundings with every season or at least every 6 months. Well, I'm sticking to that because all I know is that it feels good, besides! It's fun. 
This last move around came a while ago when Mark was out of town, I had skipped derby twice that week to regain some balance in my family/home life and because I couldn't deal with finding a baby sitter. I was also in my first week of working my new job (yip yip yip) and working full time makes me crazeee! I think I really needed to feel like I was in control of something. Anyways, I put all my crap away, did the dishes,  and decorated the living room with all my animal figurines, candle votives, and my everyday doilies (yes, I have a collection of fancy ones for special occasions -just 'cause I do). It was fun and felt great! I still have my little office space/desk set up in the window of the living room but moved the couch back to the middle of the room but far enough back that there is room for dancing (and exercising) in front of the stereo/t.v.. This is important stuff!

I have these little collections of beauty and brains all over the house, here I have a glass candle votive, antique bunny, vintage black fox, and doilies paired with an old 70's globe and assembled chemistry model kit. Oh, and a cake of Ranco sock yarn. 
Here is my vintage radio that was passed down from my grandpa via my folks. I love this piece and really like the small bookshelves that flank it. I've put my stereo inside, the record player slides out so I can use it as a docking station. Right now I'm dreaming of a t.v. cozie made out of doilies (are you surprised?).
The kitchen. I've been using my white board ala Molipop and love it. I recently painted the legs of the stools black and tuck them under this counter which acts as a little eating bar.
Collection of vintage kitchen stuff that I use daily. Jars of mint and cinnamon, coconut leaf ashtray for spoons, love birds salt and pepper set from Mel's wedding, and a teapot set that hides my coffee and sugar. Love love love.
Same thing here. A lace table cloth brush and pan, vintage and working appliances, local handmade cutting board, the apple ceramic jar is new, and I love lamps in the kitchen!
I use my colander every single day so there really is no need to put it away. I love this photo of Tee, she's wearing a friend's glasses and "Where the heck is Spuzzum?" t-shirt from the 70's that he and his siblings all wore when they were 5. It's a little hipster with those polkadot pants but she makes it work.
Here is my sewing table in the dining room/craft room, just off the kitchen. I spend a lot of time in this room, this little pile of folded sheets and cotton prints makes me feel at home. 
This is the top of my childhood dresser, which is full of craft supplies and fabric, it is also always piled with stuff. Some new additions are my owl phone case, anchor jewelry box, and vintage sawdust-filled pin cushion. This cork board is a great place to stick random items that inspire me, it's better than shoving them in a drawer out of sight, this way I get to enjoy. 

I love my place, I especially like being surrounded by my collections of little old things amassed over the years. I like the way that they all come together to make my home sweet home. 

Would you like to have your home featured on Home Sweet Home? 
Send us some photos in an email with a short description of how your home makes you feel home sweet home. We'll put it together and post it here for all of us to enjoy.

Laura & Diandra  xoxo

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