Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday WIPs

This week has already been a super productive one! I worked on cleaning and tidying my house last week and since I still haven't gotten a lot of shifts at work, I've been using my energy to get a whole lot of knitting done.  I've got a ton of unfinished projects and stashed bits of yarn that are weighing me down so I'm in need of some instant (knitting) gratification?! I'm in the process of working through my stashed yarn and making all the little things I've been putting off: new pair of felted slippers for me, felted bag tutorial, black Calorimetry, 2 dream cowls, more mittens for Tee, cotton dishcloths, etc. 
Felting tutorial
new hat for my aunt, fairisle: my new obsession!
making my derby dress more awesome 
the newest addition to my household: Nearly Dead, the tropical plant.  
My new/old chair. Should I cover it in tweed or felted cables sweater fabric? 
Making my way through last year's preserves
What are you working on? Anything you are especially proud of finishing?

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