Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I had intended to do my WIPs post last week, but Laura beat me to the punch. So this might not be so up to date when you're reading this, but I'll post a bit about last week and this week (speaking about my works in the future! ha!)

Kitchen: I've started menu planning a month in advance because we're trying to save money to go on an epic adventure to Prince George and Terrace to see friends and to get tattoos and to do roller derby. Fun! I've been trying to focus on using stuff we already have and am constantly juggling things around as dinners or other things come up. I'm also doing this "Total Body Transformation" lifestyle diet thing that Frida Beater does. It's "clean eating" which I'm finding difficult (who knew that was my final frontier for food) but I'm getting better at it. Combining that with vegan eating and PHEW there's always so many dishes I can't keep up (more than usual, esp. because we're trying not to eat out at restaurants). That aside, I'm really digging Appetite For Reduction which is just a great all around cook book. We're eating from it a lot.

Community: I'm tired :( I'm three weeks from being off the board of AVRG and it's a blessing in disguise. A few weeks back I decided to step back for the last month or so and give myself a break (it's been a full year almost at 20+ hours a week) and other people have had the strength to stand up and make the league their own, which is awesome. I also took a break from skating which was hard, but so needed because I went back this past weekend and loved every second of it. I've been having a hard time keeping up with my workouts, too. Seth has been sick (hand, foot and mouth? yuck) and I'm exhausted from being up so many nights with him, and work has been busy, so it's like, where can any energy come from?

On the other hand, my role with RDAC is picking up and it's AWESOME. I really like being on that board and look forward to the work I do with them on a daily basis. I'm part of the formation of the national roller derby association. It's nice to remind myself and give myself permission to throw myself into it. And! I've joined a softball team in a beer league. HELLO! Fun. Can't wait to try another sport on and take Roller derby a little less seriously and focus on other kinds of fitness to boost my derby self.

At work we've been busy. We've come off a busy February of meetings and AGMs and workshops, etc. to head into a busier March. The Teacher's Strike has put a kink in my plans to run our school survey in March, so we'll be doing it in late April when I get back from our trip north. Planning a bunch of other community-minded events, too. Loving work a lot lately.

Craft: The big thing for me is that we're moving and I've started paring down. I went from 6 baskets of craft supplies (not counting yarn) down to one basket. WHAT? Awesome. We're having a moving sale and I hope crafty ppl come! The other thing is that I have two knitting projects on the go that I have to get finished! (Stewart's sweater and Tawney's hat, seen above)... Once I'm done those I'm going to start a KAL with the incredible Kittee Berns of Cake Maker to the Stars to knit THIS GREY SWEATER (before dark)! Laura has also asked me to do a westknits KAL with her and I'm tentatively in because I've always wanted to make one of these !! which one should I make? (Check his WEBSITE for links and other patterns!)

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